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Our People

All the people associated with Altitud Group believe in working as a team. Our people focus on the fact that all the teammates should work to achieve the same goal and achievements.

Our people are

Dedicated to Achieve Mastery

Every member of the Altitud Group is not only committed to personal growth, but also to the growth of the company, that’s why, an amazing working aura is created, and it introduces with new information that further leads to enable creative problem-solving skills.

It is also vital for the leaders to understand the main attributes related to their subordinates. Our team leaders know how to function effectively in order to attain the best of results.

Committed to Self-Awareness

It is essential to know about the things that one is good and bad at doing. That’s why our team believe in self-awareness that makes all of them able to accept their weaknesses while they are simultaneously focusing on growing their strengths.


Our team consider reliability as something that everyone should earn with time. They grow reliability by implementing flexible working practices.


The team of Altitud Group prefers to work with confidence. The team members understand that confidence may lead to own a positive self-image. Confident people intend to give compliments to let others feel better and motivate them to work even better.

Our Capability

Geographic Information Systems proposed by our experts promote extensive experience regarding employing solutions for complicated projects. We own a record of handling big projects for a number of enterprises. We intend to avail our clients with lightweight GIS mobile apps to unlock the user data to perform state-of-the-art infrastructure, and intelligent decision making.

Our capabilities comprise the following services

Spatial Mapping

We focus on providing customized services regarding digital mapping, maintenance, migration and conversion. We offer Data maintenance, Data conversion & migration, Data quality audit, Data enhancement & cleansing, and Data conflation under these services.

Cadastral Mapping

Focusing on details, we provide with informative cadastral maps using hard copies of official land record documents. Our services include Coordinate Geometry (COGO) mapping, Land records mapping, Cadastral/land use/zoning integration, Updating parcel & building number and Sub-division preparation plan.

Digital Modeling

Technologies like LiDAR, Photogrammetry, CAD, and Remote Sensing/Image Processing, we propose versatile GIS services to come up with high-resolution imagery, elaborated 3-D models, and professional topographic mapping.

  • LiDAR services proposed by us include 3D city modeling, Flood mapping & disaster management, Agriculture & vegetation mapping, Power transmission lines classification, Contour mapping, and Mine site reclamations etc.
  • Photogrammetry services comprise Aerial triangulation, Aerial photography, Stereo compilation, Contour generation, Ortho/true orthophoto generation, 3D vector mapping, Digital elevation/terrain modeling.
  • Remote Sensing Services include Image mosaicking, DEM mosaicking, Color enhancement & tiling, Pansharpening and Orthorectification.
  • Our capabilities also include unmatchable web application development services, and also mobile or cloud apps development solutions.

Global Perspective

Altitud Group has already put its roots in the sectors of Telecommunications, Electrics, Water & Waste Water or Sewage, Oil & Gas, Mining, Utilities, Land, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Government & Defence, Aviation, Forest & Agriculture Management, and Natural Resources Management, etc.

We are intending to grow more and more with time. We follow globalized approach, and in this competitive and modern era, we are focusing on increasing our international presence with time. To adopt a global perspective is all about meeting the grand challenges, that’s why, instead of seeing through illusions, we believe in making things work.